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8:30 – 9am



9 - 10:30 a.m.

  • Welcome

  • Opening Session - America's Rib King, Dave Anderson presents Against All Odds: How to Overcome Life's Adversities and Turn Them Into Your Greatest Opportunities!  Hear Dave's amazing story of how he has been able to successfully compete in one of this country's worst economic meltdowns and triple his company's stock value while other companies struggle to stay alive. Against All Odds is inspiring and proves that life's challenges can be your greatest opportunities. Dave shares real-life stories of how he overcame all odds, failures, bankruptcy, and drinking to achieve incredible success -- turning the impossible into the possible. From the bottom his high school class to a Harvard master's degree without an undergraduate degree, from bankruptcy to founding several companies on Wall Street and creating over 20,000 new jobs, Dave shares how your attitude is key to your life's greatest achievements.

  • Book signing


10:30am – 11:45am

Cognos – What’s New

See the lastest Cognos has to offer: Data Services Team favorite reports, dashboard enhancements including ABC Analysis reports, special education dashboards, and school board reports. Learn about our newest initiatives.
TIES Staff

Curriculum Mapping in a 21st Century System

With teachers increasingly creating dynamic instructional environments, deviating from the standard textbook, curriculum maps need to be equally dynamic to provide meaningful information to guide decisions. In addition, teachers need a reason to view curriculum mapping as more than just another hoop to jump through. Come and see how TIES is addressing these issues, and placing the focus back on the teacher.
TJ Fletcher, TIES


Keep up-to-date with MARSS by hearing about the latest fiscal year 2015 changes.
Roxann Neu, Minnesota Department of Education

SchoolView – What’s New

Learn how the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan school district utilized the new Emergency Card wizard to minimize sending out paper emergency cards. You will hear about the steps the district took to implement the new feature and how the change affected work flows for nurses and other staff. TIES staff will also review the use of the opt in/opt out/consent items, the i-Cue report to show preferences, and the mail merge file feature that can be used to communicate to parents their initial SchoolView tokens.
Deb Runkle, Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan public schools
Deb Hempel, TIES


11:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.



12:35pm – 1:50pm

Think New - New Reporting and New User Interface

Get a glimpse of the new, enhanced reporting module. See what new features will be available for simplified report ordering, parameter based reports and adhoc/custom reporting. The new features will provide real-time access to data in a more robust and intuitive fashion. Also in this session, get a peek at the upcoming new user interface for TSIS.
TIES Staff

Data Services Cafe

This special session is tailored specifically for those professionals using the TIES Data System tools who are part of a district using a non-TIES student information system. Our Data Services Team will be available to address any and all questions during this time period.  If you’ve already been to a training on Cognos, Personalized Learning, or One Click Reports but just can’t remember “how to…,” we will be ready to help you out.  Bring that project you’ve been wanting to work on, or use the time to check out the new Cognos and PLP enhancements with your own district data. (Participants are invited to bring their own device, though some laptops will be made available on a limited basis.)  

TIES Staff


2:00 – 3:15pm

EnrollView - An easier way to enroll families

Are your parents driving to multiple schools or across the district to a center to enroll their students? Are you paying overtime for additional staff during peak enrollment times? How accurate is identification of school assignments in your enrollment process? Are you losing students to open enrollment because of your inconvenient enrollment process?
Come see what’s new in the parent view and see the new EnrollView Office processing module.  Learn more about how EnrollView can improve the enrollment process for you and your parents.
Georgia Kedrowski, TIES


OmnID is a cost-effective user management solution that has several key components to automate and manage user’s access to systems, files, and resources in a single application. Learn what this is all about and how this can be used to facilitate single sign on to TSIS, i-Cue, i-Plan, Cognos, and myView.
Scott Johnson, NetProf, Inc.

Minnesota Common Course Catalog

Hear the latest updates from the Minnesota Department of Education about the Minnesota Common Course Catalog.
Cheryl Ostrom, Minnesota Department of Education

Personalized Learning – What’s New

Learn about the latest enhancements in Personalized Learning including online benchmarking and progress monitoring. We will also share our latest work on math assessments.
TIES Staff


3:15 - 3:30 p.m.

Closing. Turn in your evaluation and get a treat!

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