Spring Math Intervention Program

Improve student math achievement with our one-of-a-kind assessment and intervention tool. 

We know that as an educator you are constantly balancing time and resources to help your students succeed. Spring Math provides a comprehensive RtI system that can help you by providing effective class wide and individual math instruction in real-time.

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How Spring Math improves math achievement

High-quality assessments show student progress and areas where improvement is needed

Spring Math’s math assessments are part of a comprehensive RtI system and are aligned with state-specific standards. These meet the highest standards in measurement to give you a real-time picture of whether your students are on track for short and long-term math success. Spring Math uses these data to customize classwide and individual intervention plans for your students and provides clear and easy to understand graphs and reports back to you. 


One-of-a-kind decision trees truly personalized, data-driven intervention

We know each of your students is unique. That’s why Spring Math meets your students where they are and creates personalized plans to bring them to mastery. Spring Math’s decision trees take the guesswork out of intervention selection, matching your students with the right interventions that can be delivered classwide, to small groups, or individually. 

Customized intervention packets

Research-based intervention packets are generated on-demand, based on your students’ assessment data and include everything you need to deliver evidence-based interventions. Packets include intervention directions, activities, follow-up assessments to monitor the effectiveness of the intervention, and summary reports of your students’ progress.


Proven results from districts across the country

Districts across the country have been using Spring Math and achieving strong gains in math achievement through individualized intervention. In our most recent randomized controlled trial, students using Spring Math experienced more than three times the growth on standardized assessments than students in the control group. 

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