myView employee self-service

Online payroll, time and leave management

Employees can go online to:

  • View their payroll, benefits and leave information, including W-2s and work history
  • Check and update their general information, including emergency contacts
  • View licensure information and track expiration dates for renewal
  • Record their time for greater accuracy and more timely collection of data
  • Request and get approvals for leaves

Capitalize on the power of integration

myView is integrated with Aesop substitute management system, so employees can request a substitute and submit their leave request all from the same place. The supervisor gets the request immediately by e-mail.

Employees also can put notes to substitutes in the request, which the substitutes can see in Aesop, making for a smooth classroom transition.

Streamline your time and leave reporting and management

Approved time entries automatically roll into payroll for payment. Employees enter time only by authorized assignment, eliminating paper timesheets and unauthorized pay.

The system automatically calculates overtime based on your district’s rules.

Leave requests are automatically routed to the employee’s supervisor for approval. Confirmed leave events automatically update the employee’s leave bank.

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