One-stop MTSS program evaluation platform offering district-level insight and teacher-level control

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Empower data-driven decisions

Impact student achievement through an award-winning solution that empowers educators to make data-driven decisions.

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edSpring: Robust program to implement, monitor, and continuously improve MTSS implementation

With edSpring, you can spend less time hunting for reports and more time planning for student success. Our one-stop platform enables you to easily aggregate and access all your data in one spot—making it easy to complete screenings, identify additional support needs, manage interventions, and monitor progress.

Districtwide coordination and communication about the essential components of your MTSS framework has never been easier.

Easily centralize attendance, behavior, and grade data from student information systems and nearly any standardized norm-referenced, criteria-reference, or teacher-made formative or summative assessment into a single, intuitive platform.

Get the data you need to take action fast. With edSpring, you set your targets and are alerted when students are at risk. With a single click you can see a student’s full history—test scores, interventions, graphs, attendance, behavior, grades, and group participation—for a holistic view to promote problem-solving.

Quickly access a bank of all interventions used in your district—complete with standardized descriptions, uploaded implementation protocols, and links to supporting research.

Streamlined data entry makes data collection fast, and robust filtering based on decision rules allow you to evaluate student progress coherently and efficiently. You can easily monitor progress toward any measurable goal with student graphs.

Spend less time organizing data and more time using it with easy-to-use, customizable reports with robust filtering to pinpoint exactly the data you need. Paired with easy-to-understand data visualizations and export options, edSpring reports simplify both data interpretation and communication to clarify next steps.

Helping schools and districts bring data-driven decisions to life

What sets Sourcewell Technology solutions apart is our people. Combining powerful data tools with our distinctive, people-centered approach to implementation, we help you not only gather your data, but—more importantly—use it.

We help you bring your data together faster than ever with trusted partners.

  • Minnesota Department of Education (MDE)
  • FASTBridge
  • Northwest Education Association (NWEA)

Our focused implementation and support process, the Sourcewell Technology Advantage™, is designed to ensure you are able to effectively harness the power of available data and receive the value from your investment.

What’s included:

  • Onboarding Advantage™
    Our unique implementation support and setup to get you started on the right foot.
  • Ongoing Advantage™
    Continuing post-implementation support for long-term success.
  • Coaching Advantage™ (optional)
    Optional customized coaching focused on helping achieve short- and long-term goals.

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