Specialized dashboards

School Board Dashboard

A powerful tool for monitoring your district’s vital signs

TIES School Board Dashboard gives board members:

  • High-level overview of key student, finance and human resources data
  • Insight into fund balance changes over time
  • Ability to track success and progress of initiatives they funded
  • Context for better decision-making

Available for iPad or desktop

Customizable to fit your district’s unique needs

Equity Dashboard

If only you had an easy way to monitor your district’s achievement gap….

  • Are you struggling to update achievement gap information for back-to-school planning sessions?
  • Are you pulling dozens of reports to get the data that you need?
  • Are you wading through PowerPoint presentations instead of talking about solutions?

TIES Equity Dashboard lets you view graphs and data by multiple variables, including:

  • ethnicity
  • free and reduced programs
  • special education students
  • English language learners
  • state accountability tests
  • MAP scores
  • attendance
  • behavior incident rates
  • growth targets
  • grade level
  • school
  • district

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