Technology Strategy and Leadership

Gain a better understanding of your technology needs — and how to meet them — with comprehensive assessment, planning, and ongoing consultation services

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Access expertise in technology strategies for teaching, learning, and school administration

Sourcewell Technology offers on-demand technology strategy and leadership consulting expertise focusing on the use of technology in instruction and school operations. We assess current needs and state of technology implementation, and help develop a district’s vision for the future, build a comprehensive technology plan, and guide districts through executing their plan. Examples of this work include technology assessments, facilitation of planning processes, and research on best practices that fit the needs of the district, charter school, or nonpublic school.  

Our staff are experts in education technology and leadership. Collectively, we bring decades of experience to the work we do. Districts can add to its existing team and find experience beyond what might be available or affordable locally through a direct hire by partnering with us.

Partnership with FilterED

Sourcewell Technology has partnered with GreyEd Solutions to offer the FilterED suite of tools for data-driven school district technology planning. FilterED tools are designed as data collection and analysis instruments that assess technology infrastructure, governance, and use of technology in teaching and learning. School districts may sign up for a free account for the technology profile. To see how a district is using the FilterED suite of tools, watch a video featuring Osseo Area Schools.

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