Professional Learning

High-quality, personalized professional learning focused on increasing technology, teaching, and productivity skills

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Give your educators training and resources to achieve personal and professional growth.

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Professional learning: bring additional knowledge and skills to your school or district

Our education consultants are experienced in teaching and learning, program design, and professional learning with adults. We bring:

1. Expertise to serve schools and educators
2. Mission-driven to support school and district goals
3. Relevant, real-world applications and experience
4. Best practices founded in current research, data, and technology

For K-12 school district leaders who recognize the challenges of improving essential outcomes, Sourcewell Technology’s Education Technology consultants provide insights and expertise for professional learning that align directly with your strategic goals for all educators and staff.

Our practitioners are experienced educational leaders with deep knowledge of curriculum, instruction, and technology tools. We empower your staff with best-practice strategies and build confidence for using the proper technology tools in the classroom.

Comprehensive, personalized, professional learning opportunities for the full school year are available online 24/7 to meet the demands of teachers’ schedules. With a selection of more than 50 courses spanning relevant topics, we meet your staff in their comfort zone and guide them to the next level by providing on-demand, self-paced sessions. These sessions are research-driven, ISTE standards-aligned, and pedagogy-based to provide educators the learning they need now in the ever-changing education landscape. Each course is interactive and provides real-world examples and suggestions for teachers to take to their classroom immediately. 

Whether you want to change the mindset of staff in your schools to align with district strategic goals or provide teachers with specific core sessions that allow for personalized professional learning, our team will help make your goals a reality. 
 We will work with you to design professional learning solutions to provide continuous growth and align with your district's strategic goals using the Sourcewell Technology Advantage®. We will assess your needs, help you create a vision and strategy for your goals, help you execute your plans, and monitor progress. 

  1. Assess 
  2. Vision 
  3. Strategy 
  4. Execute 
  5. Monitor 

For more information on custom professional learning plans, contact Mary Mehsikomer, Outreach Facilitator, for more information. 

Sourcewell Technology serves as the administrator for the Minnesota Learning Commons (MnLC), a partnership among the Minnesota Department of Education, University of Minnesota, and Minnesota State. The MnLC works on common issues and projects related to digital learning that impact all of Minnesota’s education systems.

For more information, visit the MnLC website, or contact Mary Mehsikomer, Outreach Facilitator.

Access certification focused on pedagogy, based on ISTE Standards, and delivered locally through Sourcewell Technology.

ISTE Certification is a competency-based, vendor-neutral teacher certification. Coursework focuses on pedagogy — not tools — to empower you to use technology to transform learning and improve student outcomes.

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Help your team—and students—thrive.

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