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edSpring's intuitive platform increases time management and efficiency by coordinating your existing resources, systems, and data. It helps you work smarter with the ability to scale and replicate.

  • Simplified data — access centralized assessment, behavior, and other data in a single, intuitive platform.
  • Early warning indicators — set performance alerts and access a holistic student history to promote problem-solving.
  • Intervention management — quickly access a bank of all interventions used across your district.
  • Progress monitoring — visualize student growth and intervention effectiveness with customizable graphs.

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Simplified Data

edSpring helps districts implement MTSS by aggregating files from multiple sources to offer a unified, easily accessible, reliable reflection of your data for all educators, including:

  • SIS data, including attendance, assessments, interventions, progress monitoring, and behavior
  • Standardized, norm-referenced, criterion-referenced, formative/summative assessment data
  • Intervention and progress-monitoring data

Nightly data transfers provide educators peace of mind.

Early Warning Indicators

Set your targets and are alerted when students are at risk. Easily create customized reports with any combination of test scores, behavior, and attendance indicators that help to inform the decisions you seek to make for students:

  1. Increase consistency with which you identify students who may need additional academic or social behavioral support
  2. Provide teachers with a reliable snapshot for students they have incoming to new classes such as summer school, or first year middle school
  3. Assist with course placement decisions

Get the data you need to take action fast. With edSpring, you set your targets and are alerted when students are at risk. With a single click you can see a student’s full history of test scores, interventions, graphs, attendance, behavior, grades, and group participation for a holistic view to promote problem solving.

Intervention Management

edSpring’s effective delivery of research-supported interventions matches student needs. Quickly access a bank of all interventions used in your district complete with standardized descriptions, uploaded implementation protocols, and links to supporting research. edSpring tracks participation and dosage for program evaluation and gives users feedback about what is used most.

Progress Monitoring

edSpring sets the stage for collaboration and transparency, and provides forward movement in attaining both student progress and positive program outcomes. Create student progress-monitoring graphs for any measurable goal, whether graphing raw scores or percentages.

  • Collect frequent data to view student progress toward any measurable goal across domains
  • Monitor measurable goal progress for individuals and groups
  • Adjust interventions for greater impact

Streamlined data entry makes data collection fast. Robust filtering, based on decision rules, allows you to evaluate student progress coherently and efficiently.

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“edSpring has allowed us to create our own, one-click reports that are vital to our MTSS work. Teachers appreciate the ease of locating data that informs their instruction as they target specific student needs.”