ISTE® Certification

Competency-based, vendor-neutral teacher certification based on ISTE Standards for Educators

Focused on pedagogy. Based on ISTE Standards. Delivered locally.

ISTE Certification is a competency-based, vendor-neutral teacher certification. Based on ISTE Standards for Educators, coursework focuses on pedagogy, not tools, allowing you to learn how to use technology to transform learning and improve student outcomes.

As one of only 13 Certified Authorized Providers in the country, Sourcewell Technology offers high-quality certification training. Our dedicated team of technology experts work with you and your district to deliver convenient training options and support throughout the certification process.

ISTE Certification is designed to bring transformative change to your classroom or school. The program is not your average professional development course. It’s intensive, ongoing training and requires documentation.

To become certified, educators must participate in both a two-day, face-to-face training and an online component. After completion, candidates will have six months to present their evidence to ISTE Certification evaluators.

ISTE Standards for Educators

ISTE Standards for Students

To become certified, educators must participate in both a two-day, face-to-face training and an online component. The online portion can last five to eight weeks, and plan to dedicate four to six hours per week during the online portion (approximately 30 hours of instruction).

Experience working in an LMS is necessary to be successful. It also helps if participants have a few online courses under their belt, as content is covered quickly.

When you are ready to become an ISTE Certified educator, simply follow these key steps to empower your teaching career:

Step 1
Complete a two-day, face-to-face training workshop with Sourcewell Technology (an ISTE Certification Authorized Provider).

Step 2
Complete a five to eight week online course (approximately 30 hours). For additional details, view the sample syllabus and program brochure.

Step 3
Assemble your e-portfolio of artifacts and submit them to the review panel. Aspiring ISTE Certified Educators will have six months to apply learning and submit e-portfolios.

Step 4
Become an ISTE Certified Educator.

ISTE Certification is a broadly recognized credential that enhances your professional status and is a valuable résumé addition for employability. Be sure to share earned credentials and digital badges in email signatures as evidence of your expertise and dedication to teaching and learning. 

When you become a certified educator, you gain more than a credential. You join a dedicated group of peers with a common perspective, shared vision, and dedication to improving education. Once certified, you can join ISTE Certified Educator meetups—including at the annual ISTE conference—to connect and collaborate with fellow educators.

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Transform teaching and learning with ISTE Certification.

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