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Insights to help you in keep your students, staff, and community safe online

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Empowering students, staff, and communities to be digitally secure.

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Cybersecurity Services: Information and resources to address your cybersecurity needs

As a public entity, we understand the needs and constraints of government and K-12 agencies better than anyone else—enabling us to offer solutions that best fit your unique needs and keep your team focused on fulfilling your organization’s mission.

You have a lot to manage staying on top of ever-changing cybersecurity threats and creating a roadmap for improvements. And while a Chief Information Security Officer is a key resource for teams to tackle such challenges, we understand that many don’t have a need for a full-time CISO or the budget to keep one on staff.  

Sourcewell Technology’s Virtual CISO services enable you to jump-start your cybersecurity assessment and planning activities. Using our distinct people-centered approach, we work with you to create and improve your security baseline and monitor progress against defined plans. 

While spotting and getting ahead of vulnerabilities across your computer and software systems can be a challenge, addressing weaknesses is critical to defending against an attack.  

Our knowledgeable team of experts is here to help you accurately identify, classify, and prioritize the remediation and mitigation of network and software vulnerabilities.  

The team of security professionals at Sourcewell Technology have helped organizations across the region be prepared for a security breach. We work with you to create solid plans that ensure you and your team are ready to respond. 

As a public agency ourselves, we understand the unique challenges of education and government and are here to help. Our national cybersecurity, CISSP certified staff can help set the stage for your team’s cybersecurity initiatives.  

Rather than using security and technical jargon, we offer districts online and in-person professional learning opportunities focused on connecting to real digital issues and customized for key groups—educators, administrators, staff groups, and more.  

  • Cybersecurity for Educators | Online or In-person  
    Educators need to understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to access and use of student data and how to protect both their students and themselves online. This class is intended to help educators understand what they need to know about privacy and security and how to help students responsibly navigate the online world.

  • Cyber Safe Home: Cybersecurity for Parents | Online  
    Every home contains a wide range of technology devices designed to help us connect, communicate, and manage our lives—making hacking, data privacy, and cybersecurity significant issues for everyone. Learn best practices for keeping children and their personal information safe in this short, online, self-paced course. This inexpensive course will empower you, and the children in your life, with essential information and tips to limit risks of children being victims of identity theft or cybercrime. 
    Register online or download a printable flyer to share with parents.

  • Cybersecurity Exercises | In-person  
    Takes your team’s education to the next level. Using potential cybersecurity scenarios, our cybersecurity experts guide your team through a mock security breach or attack. Each team member is assigned a role and actively engages with the real-life implications—gaining hands-on experience and exposing any existing security or response gaps.  
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Enhance your cybersecurity efforts.

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