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Technology Consulting: Expertise you need—without a full-time price tag

Focusing on aligning the effective and efficient use of technology with strategic plans and the organization's mission, a CTO is a critical resource for schools and businesses alike. For many, adding an additional FTE—and finding an individual with the right experience—is challenging.

With our Technology Consulting Services, your school gains direct access to Sourcewell Technology's own Chief Technology Officer.

Serving as your school or district's virtual CTO, Sourcewell Technology's own Chief Technology Officer—Corey Tramm—offers direct and timely access to educational technology and district leadership expertise.

Tramm pairs 15 years experience in IT leadership spanning local district-level, regional, and statewide education organizations with his knowledge of instructional technology and training as an educator to utilize technology as a tool to accelerate learning and streamline district operations.

Sourcewell Technology's virtual CTO technology consulting enables your school or district to pay only for the time you need.

In a highly-competitive market for technology professionals, we strive to help your school create capacity and manage costs. Whether you are looking to augment current IT leadership or seeking an alternative to a full-time position, we're here to help.

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