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Close the math achievement gap

Discover how classwide math intervention works, and why, and how it’s driving math achievement for students at the Vail School District in Arizona.

By Kelly Pinkerton, Director of Assessment and Innovative Learning at Vail School District, AZ

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Data, evidence, and research

Twenty years of academic research has shown that Spring Math produces equitable achievement and significantly decreases the performance gap.

Further information on the data behind Spring Math can be found in our FAQs (PDF)


Additional data resources and support  

Spring Math benefits from research conducted by its author, Dr. Amanda VanDerHeyden, as well as respected scholars in education and psychology. Discover a variety of thought leadership and other MTSS/RTI resources. 

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The Sourcewell Technology Advantage® 

The people we serve are at the center of every engagement — and that makes all the difference. It's a unique method we call the Sourcewell Technology Advantage, combining our user-focused approach with a proven process for successful change management. 

Onboarding Advantage® 

  • Collaborate in a 90-minute virtual session 
  • Establish program vision  
  • Define roles and responsibilities  
  • Review current student data, RTI/MTSS processes and practices  
  • Highlight Spring Math’s key features, including student performance review process  
  • Discuss ways to use Spring Math student data to help drive classroom instructional decisions 

Ongoing Advantage® 

  • Collaborate in a three-hour session (virtual or online) 
  • Refine program vision 
  • Review and discuss student achievement scores and plan for scope and sequence changes  
  • Plan for the future with an annual data review and summary  
  • Review and discuss Spring Math best practices  
  • Receive a summary data report, including state test data 

Coaching Advantage® 

  • Connect with customized sessions (virtual or online) 
  • ‘Push-in’ professional learning opportunities  
  • Conduct role-specific consultations  
  • Facilitate PLC data-team meetings using Spring Math student data 
  • Analyze data and monitor yearlong implementation goals progress  
  • Review student progress and adjust ongoing implementation strategy accordingly 

The Spring Math team is here not only to get you up and running with uploading of rosters, but dedicated to your district’s success. Our experts can help you design a math achievement program for your school.  


What districts are saying about Spring Math

“The fact that students must explain their work positively impacts math outcomes.”  
- Dr. Rob Dill, Assistant Principal at Forest Hills Elementary in Pennsylvania 

“Spring Math is the most efficient and effective suite of mathematics tools I have ever seen.” 
- Kevin Feldman, Ed.D., at the Sonoma County Office of Education in California 

"Spring Math will revolutionize the application of the RTI framework to math." 
- Robin Codding, Ph.D., in Department of Applied Psychology, Northeastern University in Massachusetts 

“Explicit instruction, common routines, and data drive appropriate interventions.”  
- Dr. Rob Dill, Assistant Principal at Forest Hills Elementary in Pennsylvania 

"We can use Spring Math with agility to ensure that our high fliers and our struggling learners all flourish." 
- Kristen Ring, Head of School at Hutchinson School in Tennessee 

“Any quality math solution ought to be able to provide you with evidence that it works.”  
- Dr. Amanda VanDerHeyden, Spring Math Author