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Powerful assessment and intervention expertise

Streamlined tools provide a clear path to math achievement

Icons representing assessment, intervention, monitoring, and reporting

Spring Math's highly effective interactive platform combines streamlined tools for assessment, reporting, and intervention to provide a clear path to achievement for every student.

  • Streamlined assessment — dynamically generated screening, diagnostic, and progress-monitoring assessments
  • Effective intervention — targeted classwide and individual interventions that take just 15 minutes a day
  • Progress monitoring — brief progress monitoring adapts intervention weekly
  • Actionable reports — identify student achievements and needs with individual and classroom reports

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Research-based, valid, and reliable math achievement

Spring Math is a comprehensive MTSS/RTI math system based on breakthrough empirical research that deploys a model proven to improve math outcomes in an easy-to-implement, equitable, and cost-effective manner. 
Spring Math uniquely equips districts for accelerated student math achievement. 

  • Mastery measures* — closely connected to grade-level content — are powerful success predictors
  • Classwide interventions rapidly drive achievement for all students, and pinpoint those in need of intensive intervention
  • Evidence-based interventions are proven to significantly impact student learning 
  • Intervention packets align to student need and include conceptual understanding activities
  • Progress monitoring shows student-, class-, and system-level growth in actionable, sharable graphs and summaries
  • Integrated implementation science removes barriers that often cause MTSS systems to fail

*only available through Spring Math, patent-pending

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Streamlined assessment 

Best-in-class assessments are part of a comprehensive RTI system that provides a real-time picture of whether or not your students are on track for short- and long-term math success. Assessment results power customized classwide and individual intervention plans for your students.  

Effective intervention

Avoid intervention implementation errors with Spring Math's customized, easy-to-use intervention packets. Automatically generated each week based on the prior week's outcomes, interventions are aligned to Common Core State Standards and student needs. Intervention packets provide all materials necessary for effective intervention.

  • Teacher-centered materials and instructions to complete in just 15 minutes a day 
  • Peer tutoring tools that are based on a proven model  
  • Printable student materials to build conceptual understanding and practice skills 
  • Embedded coaching, including cohort user groups and ongoing implementation support 

Classwide interventions  

  • Accelerate each student’s growth 
  • Promote mastery of essential outcomes 
  • Identify students who may be falling behind 

Individual interventions 

  • Drill down to student’s exact areas of need 
  • Bring skills to mastery  
  • Build conceptual understanding  

View a sample classwide intervention or individual intervention (PDF) 

Progress monitoring 

  • At the end of the week, progress monitoring is completed and - based upon the results - a new packet of materials is created for the following week 

Actionable reports 

Spring Math dashboards offer insight, efficiency, and fidelity to streamline math intervention. 

Spring Math dashboards provide instructional leaders a clear view of implementation — ensuring fidelity and efficient implementation.

  • Coach and teacher dashboards monitor implementation, track progress, provide ongoing results, and facilitate consulting with peers 
  • Grade-level results and end-of-year program evaluation provide summary-level data

“Spring Math is the most efficient and effective suite of mathematics tools I have ever seen.” 
- Kevin Feldman, Ed.D., at the Sonoma County Office of Education in California