Comprehensive fee management and online payment portal for athletics, activities, meals, and more

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Simplifying fee management by centralizing billing and revenue in a single, convenient online location.

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FeePay: Power in simplicity

Managing fees is time consuming—for both district personnel and parents. FeePay helps everyone get on with their day with easy-to-use, automated systems that gather data from student information systems, food and nutrition accounts, and a variety of other sources into a comprehensive online portal to increase fee visibility, minimize manual billing, and streamline the payment process.

With FeePay, parents can quickly set up automatic payments for recurring fees, as well as set their own alerts for low balances, new charges, late fees, and more.

For district staff, the self-service portal minimizes manual creation of alerts and notifications.

Collecting fees can be time-consuming, but with FeePay it is hands off. With the use of Student Holds, your district can prevent students from enrolling in future activities until prior fees are paid. For example, in order to purchase tickets for prom the late fee for their library books must be paid first.

When it comes to your district funds and data, FeePay goes the extra mile with best-in-class reconciliation and comprehensive revenue tracking.

Bring it all together. Engineered to take the complexity out of data, FeePay simplifies interactions with district vendors by monitoring for data migration issues. When and if an issue is detected, district staff are alerted by our intelligent monitoring tools.

Making online payments and fee management manageable

What sets Sourcewell Technology solutions apart is our people. Combining powerful tools with our distinctive, people-centered approach to implementation, we help you improve processes and outcomes with technology.

Our focused implementation and support process, the Sourcewell Technology Advantage™, is designed to ensure you are able to effectively harness the power of available data and receive the value from your investment.

What’s included:

  • Onboarding Advantage™ Our unique implementation support and setup to get you started on the right foot.
  • Ongoing Advantage™ Continuing post-implementation support for long-term success.
  • Coaching Advantage™ (optional) Optional customized coaching focused on helping achieve short- and long-term goals.

Learn more about our people-centered approach.

FeePay schools can leverage Sourcewell Technology’s Customer Experience Center to connect with friendly and helpful support personnel who can take the workload off of overburdened district staff, respond to parent questions directly, and much more.

Our staff go the extra mile by looking at how your district is using FeePay features to offer suggestions on enhancing productivity, reducing paperwork, increasing fee collection, and improving community engagement.

Sourcewell Technology holds online meetups for districts interested in improving staff utilization of FeePay to further reduce effort needed in supporting school activities and fee collection. Numerous video tutorials and support documentation are also available online, and our dedicated support team is ready to answer any questions you or your staff may have.

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See what FeePay can do for your district.

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