Data transfer tools

TIES’ exclusive data transfer tools let you create interactive interfaces from TIES Student and Finance/HRPay applications to non-TIES applications and data sources—no programming needed.


INFODriver lets you:

  • Upload data online and in real time from a spreadsheet, file of scanned data or other source without manual reentry
  • Easily define the relationship between that data and TIES applications with simple point, click, drag and drop actions


INFOLink gives you a complete ODBC view of online information and a seamless, real-time view into the TIES application database, with the ability to create new queries and reports.


INFOView lets you add, change or delete custom data fields and data to TIES application screens.

District-to-district transfer

District-to-district transfer lets you transfer a student's test scores, immunizations, MARSS ID and graduation year to another district.