Sourcewell Technology Data Practices Policy

Minnesota Government Data Practices Act Policy

Minnesota Government Data Practices Act Policy – Policy & Procedures for Requesting Information from Sourcewell Technology (“SWT”)

Policy Statement 

SWT will provide convenient and timely access to public information in accordance with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act ("MGDPA"), Chapter 13 of the Minnesota Statutes. The Vice President of Market Solutions is the Responsible Authority ("RA") under the MGDPA and is responsible for managing and fulfilling requests for information under the MGDPA. The Manager of IT Management is a "Designee" under the MGDPA appointed by the RA to be in charge of systems containing government data and to receive and comply with data requests under the MGDPA. Whenever possible, SWT will direct requestors to existing sources of public information.

Download the full MGDPA document which includes:

  • How to Request Public Data
  • Data Request Form
  • Data Practices Contacts
  • How We Will Respond to Your Data Request
  • Requests for Summary Data
  • Standing Requests
  • Keeping Data Secure
  • Identity Verification Guide
  • Information on Rights of Subjects of Government Data
  • Data Security Classification Policy
  • Breach Notification Policy